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September 25, 2023

As we continue to face an ongoing global mental health crisis, the mental health sector must respond with a multi-faceted, collaborative approach that embraces both clinical and informal community supports. Mental Health First Aid training serves as a bridge to professional care by guiding individuals on how to connect someone to appropriate resources and support. 

Mental Health First Aid program evaluations focus on understanding participants’ ability to provide that bridge. We do that in a number of ways – we ensure the information we teach is based on the best possible evidence available and we conduct evaluations to measure a participant’s knowledge, confidence, skills, and attitude to providing a first aid response.  

Similar to physical first aid courses, Mental Health First Aid training teaches members of the public how to respond when someone needs help. They do not prevent mental illness or inform longer term recovery. They can reduce stigma and increase empathy for people with mental illness while overcoming a person’s reluctance to seek help, or a lack of knowledge of how to do so.

We are one part of a multifaceted and complex mental health sector, working alongside others to improve outcomes for those living with mental illness. We know that further work needs to be done in the areas of prevention and promotion of positive mental health, recovery and increased resources and support. 

Mental Health First Aid Australia will continue to build on our evidence base, both in Australia and overseas. We look forward to continuing our work alongside the sector to provide informed support and knowledge, to better equip community members in Australia and around the world with the practical skills to confidently reach out with support to those who are struggling.

Visit the Mental Health First Aid International website to learn more about our research informing curriculum and program evaluations.


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